USWE Chest Pocket / NDM 2
USWE Chest Pocket / NDM 2

USWE Chest Pocket / NDM 2

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The Chest Pocket / NDM 2 is the optimal attachment for the person that want access either soft or hard surface sport bottles without having to open a pocket or take off the backpack. The attachment can be used on the No Dancing Monkey™ 2.0 and "No Dancing Monkey™ 2.1 harnesses and is simply attached by a 4 plastic clips (See video tab). The pocket is approximately 17cm / 6.7" in height and 8cm / 3.2" in width. The Chest pocket / NDM 2 can't be used at the same time as the Action Camera Harness / NDM 2.

This product is compatible with the following models:

  • Hajker (Not Winter)
  • Hajker Ultra
  • Hajker PRO
  • Tracker
  • Shred
  • Flow
  • Core
  • Watt

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