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New version, now with CNC aluminium case.

The highly reliable Odometer used by the rallies/raid professional and factory top teams.

Rallye MAX 2™ is the next step in a thirty year evolution. It’s also fully compatible with the previous Rallye MAX™.

Functions :

Adjustable odometer
Speedometer with resettable peak speed mode
Stage timer
Resettable hour meter tracks maintenance intervals
Resettable second trip odometer
Total lifetime distance stored into permanent memory
(NEW) No batteries! Internal emergency power that last for days!

Features :

(NEW) Wake from sleep on wheel movement
Switch between kilometers and miles without adjusting wheel circumference (mm)
AutoCal™ automatically adjusts to match the route
New OdoQuick™ feature eliminates mode changes to check odometer while in a speed zone
New OdoPause™ feature makes adjustments easier while moving
180º vertical viewing angle
Large, sharp contrast digits
11 helpful icons improve ease of use
Adjustable backlight has night mode (dim) and day mode (bright)
Includes aluminum bracket for mounting computer to handlebar clamps
Designed to be powered from the motorcycle’s 12V battery during normal usage
(NEW) Runs for up to 7 Dakar-length stages on internal emergency power
Auto shut off after 20 minutes
Rugged, stainless steel sensor and aluminum mounting bracket
For KTM/Husaberg/Husqvarna riders, the sensor screws directly into the OEM sensor hole
Strong rare earth sensor magnet
CR001 (lefthand) and CR002 (righthand) F2R Remote combos full compatibility

Physical Specs :

  • Case Size – 93mm x 47mm x 30mm deep
  • Color – BLACK
  • Weight – 120 grams

Package Includes:

  • Rallye MAX 2™ computer
  • 3-button remote thumb switch (available also as spare)
  • Sensor cable with bracket (available also as spare)
  • Magnet and mounting accessories (available also as spare)
  • Power cable (available also as spare)

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